David Wurczel's public appearances on concerts, conferences and other art-related events often make it into news. Some of those references are listed below. (New recent event articles for the website are being worked on at the moment...)


(external link) Theaterstraat Ugchelen Dutch concert series - Dorps Vizier (regional cultural press)

It was David's honor to perform on this beautiful Dutch art festival accompanied with several media releases. Article on Page 6.


(external link) Christmas concert for Prague 16

2016 Christmas concert, this time solo at the municipal house of Prague district 16, with attendance of the mayor and Professor Pavel Pafko, an icon of Czech surgery.


(external link) Concert with Štěpán Rak at KC Nová Beseda

Another concert alongside Štěpán Rak, on April 2013, much closer to David Wurczel's home.


(external link) Concert @ Teatre Principal de Maó, Czech press

Making a great impression on the Spanish audience as well as the criticists, David was also interviewed together with Maestro Štěpán Rak back in the home country.


Teatre Principal de Maó (Spain) Pre-Concert Press

This was the first time David saw his name in a foreign news article. Also the first time his signature ''Rotando'' technique was officially instated publicly. The concert at Teatre Principal de Maó was a major milestone in David's guitar journey.


Christmas Album Launch Party

In December 2011, Mr Wurczel had the honor of holding his first album launch party along with his idol, maestro Štěpán Rak