Concert Guitarist, Music Composer, Audio Designer

Paul Anthony Romero: David Wurczel is a superbly talented young musician who exhibits world-class potential as both a guitar virtuoso and a symphonic composer. Mr. Wurczel has time and again proved that he is supremely comfortable performing solo classical guitar concerts in front of large audiences. He is equally comfortable composing and orchestrating symphonic music of his own creations as well as re-creating the symphonic soundtrack music of other composers, such as myself.

I personally have read and listened to the orchestrated symphonic scores created by Mr. Wurczel and I am constantly impressed by his high level of talent, skill and dedication. He has brilliantly and successfully managed to re-create some of my own symphonic soundtrack scores (from Ubisoft's Heroes of Might and Magic III computer games) using only his finely-tuned ears as his guide. Mr. Wurczel's ability to hear another composers symphonic music and re-create it flawlessly (in detailed notation) clearly shows that he possesses a world-class musical talent.

Paul Anthony Romero
composer & pianist

Music & Audio Showreel 2019

A new promotional showreel assembled from past projects and University assignments.


Artistic Biography

The story of classical guitatrist, composer, and audio designer, David Wurczel

Audiojungle Titles

Some of my own work in the corporate and ad music genre. None of this is licensed, everything is owned by me.


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Data scientist, designer of this website, and a friend of mine.


(external link) Cultural Center Nová Beseda

A concert venue near my home, where the community of Prague's Klánovice district and its nearest neighbors come very often to attend lectures, see independently produced movies, and listen to music.


Art Space Řetězová 7

Fine art gallery, where I had the honor of playing at occasion of vernisage.


(external link) Modré dveře

Czech charity providing therapeutic care to those who cannot wait for insurance-covered psychotherapy nor afford private practitioner.


(external link) Kampa theatre

A venue I had the pleasure to visit multiple times. It's location with view of Prague's Old Town and a large public park attracts locals and tourists alike.


(external link) Teatre Principal de Maó

One of the most beautiful of Menorca's theatres. This is where the title image of this website was taken.