Concert Guitarist, Music Composer, Audio Designer

Paul Anthony Romero: David Wurczel is a superbly talented young musician who exhibits world-class potential as both a guitar virtuoso and a symphonic composer. Mr. Wurczel has time and again proved that he is supremely comfortable performing solo classical guitar concerts in front of large audiences. He is equally comfortable composing and orchestrating symphonic music of his own creations as well as re-creating the symphonic soundtrack music of other composers, such as myself.

I personally have read and listened to the orchestrated symphonic scores created by Mr. Wurczel and I am constantly impressed by his high level of talent, skill and dedication. He has brilliantly and successfully managed to re-create some of my own symphonic soundtrack scores (from Ubisoft's Heroes of Might and Magic computer games) using only his finely-tuned ears as his guide. Mr. Wurczel's ability to hear another composers symphonic music and re-create it flawlessly (in detailed notation) clearly shows that he possesses a world-class musical talent.

Paul Anthony Romero
composer & pianist


Tik-Tok Feed

This is David's Tik-Tok where he is active as an artist and posts new videos each week.

Heroes Medley with Paul Anthony Romero

A once in a lifetime concert duet with the Heroes of Might and Magic composer, Paul Anthony Romero in Warsaw Feb 2020.


Magna Regna

A collaboration between these awesome talented developers and myself is just starting. There is a long way to go but we hope to bring you an epic historically accurate Czech medieval strategy game.


My current main project where I create all sound design, compose music and work closely with our programmers to implement audio into the game. The project is done in Unity and I am the only audio specialist on the team. It is a steampunk survival game with a unique visual feel, almost resemblent of oldschool Czech sci-fi movies by Karel Zeman.

Waxworks: Curse of the Ancestors

My first paid project work was this adventure horror game OST that is now already on Steam. Besides the music, I also added a few sound effects, though I didn't get to implement this audio myself.


(external link) University of Chichester

Institution, through the lectures of which I learned a lot about sound design and music, setting myself on the path toward achieving MFA in the discipline.


(external link) ThinkSpace Education

E-learning platform partnered with University of Chichester with accreditation in music courses, where I learned the ropes of Audio Design.


(external link) Heroes Orchestra

Dear friends from Poland whom I have the chance to work with as an orchestrator, composer and guitar soloist.