These are people and institutions David has had the honor of cooperating with along his journey as a concert guitarist, composer, and audio designer, or by which he was inspired and supported.


(external link) University of Chichester

Institution, through the lectures of which I learned a lot about sound design and music, setting myself on the path toward achieving MFA in the discipline.


(external link) ThinkSpace Education

E-learning platform partnered with University of Chichester with accreditation in music courses, where I learned the ropes of Audio Design.


(external link) Heroes Orchestra

Dear friends from Poland whom I have the chance to work with as an orchestrator, composer and guitar soloist.


(external link)

Data scientist, designer of this website, and a GOOD friend of mine.


(external link) Berklee Online

The school I had studied prior to enrolling to University of Chichester. Incredibly efficient education and amazing teachers.


(external link) Microsoft Czech Republic

In the past, I have had the honor to perform at corporate events and teambuilding parties of the Czech division of the leader in software.