David Wurczel's public appearances on classical guitar and orchestral concerts often make it into news. Some of those references are listed below.


(external link) Embassy of the Czech republic in the Hague, Official report

An official press release from the Embassy, commemorating the concert in honor of 100th anniversary of Czechoslovak independence. May 2018


(external link) Embassy of the Czech republic performance

Celebrating the 100th anniversary of founding of the Czech Republic by the means of concert for Czech embassy in the Hague and expats, May 2018


(external link) Heroes Orchestra Concert

A grand performance alongside the Heroes Orchestra, playing the theme music from infamous video game at Witold Lutoslawski Hall of Polish Radio, Warsaw; September 2018


(external link) Grand Video-Concert @ Kapel Op 't Rijsselt

Another year, another video-concert. This time from Rijsselt, Netherlands; October 2017


(external link) Video-Concert @ Theaterstraat Ugchelen Festival

Another of the string of video-concert performances in the Netherlands; October 2017


(external link) Video-Concert at Lochemse Kunstfactor

Complemented by an artistic composition of video clips, David shared his music with audience in the art centre of Lochem, Netherlands in September 2016.