Music & Sound Design

Most of David's own music scores and audio works are presented in this section, representing not only his acclaimed sense of harmony in sound but also the progress from acolyte to artisan composer.

Audiojungle Titles

Mr Wurczel is also apt at creating music for corporate advertisements and PR videos.

Game Music Demo Tracks: Dark FPS

Demonstration of David's original compositions for video game theme music

Alexander Jansson Theme

Alexander Jansson is an artist, illustrator, graphic designer and animator from Gothenburg, Sweden. His whimsical and imaginative style is a mixture of traditional and digital media.

Retro-Style 8Bit Game Music

A sample of music composed using 8Bit synth in the style of retro classic arcade games.

Blue City - Student Film Score

This score was written, mixed and edited into the movie as the final assignment of Berklee School of Music's Online Film Scoring course.