Music & Sound Design

Most of David's own music scores and audio works are presented in this section, representing not only his acclaimed sense of harmony in sound but also the progress from acolyte to artisan composer.


Tik-Tok Feed

This is David's Tik-Tok where he is active as an artist and posts new videos each week.


David's current main project. His role is the composer, sound designer, mixing engineer & Unity game designer. Sometimes also the audio programmer.

Lost In Time - Berlin International Film Scoring Competition

My score for the Berlin International Film Scoring Competition.

Forest of Lanterns

A string-based piece written by me a long time ago, with ancient virtual orchestral instruments, not following any particular orchestration methods, popular amongst listeners and fans.

Game Cinematic Sound Designer Demo - Warhorse Reel

An audio test based on scenes from Kingdom Come: Deliverance provided by Warhorse. David has done all of the sound design work and voiceover editing, the resulting work is now shown as a sound design demo.

Waxworks: Curse of the Ancestors

I've composed the music for this old school horror adventure classic remake. I will always remember it as my first real game audio job.