These are people and institutions David has had the honor of cooperating with along his journey as a concert guitarist, composer, and audio designer, or by which he was inspired and supported.


(external link) The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music

I hold certifications accredited by the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music.


(external link) John Ligtenberg

A dear friend and a stunning painter with whom I had the pleasure to tour the Europe, presenting the Video-Concert series.


(external link) Music School of Prague

The prestigious institution where I teach several highly talented individuals.


(external link) Teatre Principal de Maó

One of the most beautiful and oldest theatres in Europe. This is where the title image of this website was taken and where a glorious concert was held featuring Prof. Štěpán Rak and myself.


(external link) Embassy of the Czech Republic in the Hague

It was my biggest pleasure to perform at an occasion of national importance.


(external link) Multisonic

A major Czech music industry publisher that enabled me to record and release my first album under their label.