The Artist's Bio


David’s artistic journey began when he was 7 years old. He started taking classical guitar lessons from Diana Chytilová, and also had a few first live performances. Even though David has shown an abundance of talent, classical guitar was not interesting enough for him. When he was 11 he found love in playing the electric guitar, and soon preferred it to the classical. Playing both guitars was the first step for David to break the imaginary walls between different musical genres, and soon becoming a composer.

The main creative breakthrough came in his 15’s. He composed his first instrumental song Sin Fronteras and recorded his Maxisingle in Multisonic's studio W. Following the release, David has continued playing the electric guitar, and learned from one of the best Czech guitarists Stanislav Jelínek. Later on, David has created a live programme out of his compositions. He's played live concerts in Prague, and then joined forces with his brother, magician, director, photographer and video editor Paul Wurcel to perform joint shows in top rated hotels during summer season on the Menorca island in Spain. Shortly before the coming winter, the chairman at Multisonic proposed an idea that David should record a Christmas carols CD.

By that time, David had also met with Maestro Štěpán Rak, who inspired him to return to the classical guitar again. At that point, David became obsessed with learning the famous five finger tremolo technique which he later implemented into his technique palette in a unique way. What he found out on the journey was that the guitar was probably limitless in terms of possibilities in personal expression and originality of technique. So he started developing his own style and a right hand technique, he now calls Rotando. The technique has become his guitar art trademark. Štěpán Rak saw David's talent, and invited him to his concerts as guest. Playing next to Štěpán Rak inspired David to practice harder than ever and nourish his ability in a unique way. David and the Maestro then decided to record the previously suggested Christmas CD together, where David would take the main part and Štěpán Rak would take on the role of a special guest. An almost unseen and deeply humbling act from the international virtuoso towards David as an up-and-coming musician. After the CD has proven to be successful in Czech republic, David made a tour in Spain, where he joined Štěpán Rak in his concert in Teatro Principal.

Trance music is no unexplored ground to David either. A world class DJ, Ronny K, has found out about David's talent and asked him to cooperate on his remixes, their common work on Magic Waters Remix has had big success and they still continue developing their new remixes and ideas.

David has always loved to create and definitely preferred creation to practice. He has solved this minor flaw by making his guitar compositions difficult to play (especially for the right hand) and therefore a technical practice of their own. In the early days of his guitar journey, he wasn't capable of playing his own pieces due to their difficulty. This only served as a motivation for him though, not a hindrance. He has never needed any score to read on concerts, he actually never wanted it. He keeps every single guitar composition in his memory and is currently starting to notate the pieces in his free time.

After reaching a certain level of proficiency in guitar playing through live concerts, practice and masterclasses from Štěpán Rak and his student, fabulous flamenco guitarist Miroslav Žára, David has started developing himself in orchestral composition. His orchestral approach is very notable in his guitar compositions as well. They are recognisable for multi-voicing, that is sometimes even mysterious because not even a professional guitarist would tell where are all those sounds coming from. It seems as if David had a few more guitarists behind him while playing, Which is definitely the legacy of Maestro Štěpán Rak, who has always focused on developing and expanding the guitar art rather than keeping it classical and conservative.

David's dream was to create music for cinema, and even more than that, video games. Right now he's working as a composer, audio designer and audio programmer for game studios. David's passion for composing video game music also relates to the fact that David was and still is a passionate gamer. His passion for games like Heroes of Might and Magic, Elder Scrolls, or World of Warcraft, inspired him all the way to where he is now. Games aren't a senseless waste of time to David. They're a new form of art and a great inspiration. It is no surprise that a considerable part of David's guitar repertoire consists of video game music arrangements, in particular themes from Heroes of Might and Magic, and Elder Scrolls series. Through professional and passionate approach in arranging these beautiful music pieces for guitar as covers, David has come to know the great masters of video game music, Paul Anthony Romero and Jeremy Soule.

''I never stop going, I want to keep growing, creating and honing my skills. Not a single day is the same, the universe transforms itself every second, and I transform with it.''
- David Wurczel

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